Northside Photoshoot

This was a short afternoon shoot walking around Northside, near where my friend lives. They loves the area and recently lost a lot of weight so I was excited to take some pictures they could be proud of! I used a diffused off-camera flash for some of the images and stuck with either a 16-25mm or 85mm lens.

Birthdays & Burritos

“One more month,” Alex smirked as they closed the calendar app on their phone. They looked up at the person sitting across from them, “Until it’s all over.”

Gail smiled and rolled her eyes, “Or beginning! You never know. You’re just turning 30,” she shrugged, “It’s only a number”. She unwrapped her burrito out of its aluminum blanket.

“But that’s when, like, people expect things from you,” Alex picked up a plastic fork and moved the lettuce around the burrito bowl, trying to find the elusive chicken, “These days, if you haven’t made your first million by 30 then you might as well settle in for middle class at best.”

“Well, I, for one, would love to be middle class. Like, middle-middle class,” Gail took a bite of her burrito, immediately followed by chugging her water. Her eyes watered and she sniffed her nose, “That was all hot sauce.”

“Aw, I hate it when that happens.” Alex found the chicken and swooped up a chunk of ingredients, carefully managing the proportions so the burrito bowl wasn’t given the same chance. Gail was attacked, now this was war.

“So what are you going to do?” Gail hesitated before biting into a sour cream-laden area of the burrito.

“About what?”

“Your birthday! You gotta do something.”

“Correction, I don’t have to do anything,” Alex paused for dramatic effect, “But I do think I should.”

Gail managed her bites on high-alert. She wouldn’t be caught off guard again. “Cool, let me know when and where. I’ll be there.”

“All right, well I was thinking of an orgy in a back alley downtown.” Alex glared at Gail, eyebrows raised and smirking.

“One, ew. Back allies are nasty.” Gail refused to play into shock value.

“You said anything. Would you rather it be in a basement somewhere?”

“Depends on the basement. Couldn’t do it in mine. I have cats. You’ll die.” She took another bite of her burrito, her water still half full. Another hot sauce attack was imminent.

“True. And I don’t have a basement.”

“Well then, it seems orgy is off the table.”

“Or, is it on the table? Eh? Eh?” Alex winked. Gail rolled her eyes.

“How about bowling?” Gail shrugged, “We did that in college all the time and haven’t in awhile.”

“Maybe. That could be fun. And Laser Tag!”

“Ohh, Laser Tag!” Gail agreed.

“I might break a hip.” Alex chuckled.

“Oh no,” Gail mocked, “A 30 year old making ‘I’m-So-Old’ jokes. So funny. Much humor. Wow.”

“All right, all right. Bowling and Laser Tag it is.” Alex scooped up the last bite of their burrito bowl while Gail recovered from her most recent battle with the hot sauce. “I told you they over did it,” Alex laughed, “but you didn’t want to return it. So that’s what you get.”

“It makes me stronger, more powerful.”

“If that’s true, then give me a bottle.”

“I dare you to chug it.”

“Only if you do it.”

“Then I’ll pass, for your sake.”

“You’re too kind.” Alex rolled their eyes.

“Hey,” Gail lowered her burrito and stared at Alex, “This is out of the blue, but I just want to say it. No matter what happens after you turn 30, or 40, or 50 – for as long as we’re friends, I’ve got your back. We’ve had our up’s and down’s, but we’ve stayed friends through everything. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, and I wouldn’t change anything. So just remember that. You’re closer to me and dearer than most of my family. You mean a lot to me,” her eyes wandered as she thought of a way to end the impromptu speech, “So yeah, no matter what, I got your back.”

“Dude, thanks. That means a lot to me. And you do too,” Alex’s eyes squinted as they pressed their lips together, holding back a smile behind a facade of concern, “However, it’s really hard to take you seriously when you have cilantro in your teeth.”

“Damn it! That was suppose to be a touching moment!” Gail removed the cilantro after taking the last couple of bites of her burrito.

“But seriously, thank you. You’re my best friend. And 30 is going to be fun. Don’t know everything, but I have plans.”

“Can’t wait to see what happens.”

“Me too.”