Devin and Mallory

Mallory and I have been friends for close to a decade now! I was so honored they asked me to take engagement photos for them. Since I’m still growing my portfolio this was a two-way blessing. It was a cold day and they took their coats off several times. It even starting hailing! But it was so great being able to walk around a park they love and take pictures they’re proud of. A completely rewarding experience – I’m so blessed to have such great friends!


A Summer’s Day

If I were to compare
Who we are to another pair
I’d say we’re too unique
But maybe that’s unfair

Because when I think of you
Songbirds are too sweet
And fish are too meek
And cats do little more than eat

But I think of spiders that have joined webs
Even though I hate spiders
I think of beavers that work together to build something great
Beavers are cool

We’re badass
We create, calculate, cultivate
Beyond wiping the dust and cutting the grass
You make this house a home

You raise me up when I’m down
Mountains become small mounds

I’m a better person because of you
Maybe we are songbirds